Friends of the Feather
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March 17, 2003

Friends of the Feather have been discontinued by Enesco
Get Yours Before They are Gone Forever!

To Order: Email us a list of the items you are interested in purchasing.
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We will email you back with a total and payment options.

-Friends of the Feather-

  Now In Stock  
Series Item Retail
Blanket People 731315- one blanket, one love $22.50
  731323- if the hug fits, wear it $17.50
  731331- share a warm smile $17.50
  731558- wrap your family in a blanket of love $22.50
  731366- bundles of love to share $17.50
  731374- love comforts and supports $20.00
  751367- tree platform display $25.00
Hanging Ornament 731455- baby's first winter $10.00
  731471- peace on earth $10.00
  731498- grandmother sew wise $10.00
  743828- joy ride $10.00
  743836- hold my hand, share the spirit of love $10.00
  743844- paws to enjoy the season $10.00
  743852- spirit presence $10.00
  743860- good knight $10.00
  743879- mother's are the perfect balance… $10.00
  758329- resin ornament hanger displayer Sold Out
Nativity 731382- fine feathered friends Ltd. To 7500 $17.50
Limited Edition 758167- build your own journey Ltd. To 7500 $40.00
Fetish Figurine 267759-sister of peace $17.50
Spring Figurine 303275-little mother hen $17.50
Ornament 285536-winter mom jointed h/o $15.00
  285501-winter dad jointed h/o $15.00
  285552-eskimo baby hanging ornament $7.00
Plush Doll 506699-boy plush doll $10.00
  506702-girl plush doll $10.00
Winter 384135- the journey of friendship never ends Sold Out
  384143- friends every step of the way Sold Out
  384151- find warmth in friendship Sold Out
  384178- let your spirits soar $20.00
  384348- one who searches for the light nightlight Sold Out
1999 Dated Series 550531- couple on horse dated 1999 plate $35.00
  550612- couple on horse dated 1999 hanging ornament $12.50
  551457- couple on horse dated 1999 figurine Sold Out
  551732- couple on horse dated 1999 covered box $25.00
  584355- couple on horse dated 1999 windchime $27.50
Garden Plaques 303453- tablet style small garden plaque "love" $15.00
  303453- tablet style small garden plaque "peace" $15.00
  303453- tablet style small garden plaque "joy" $15.00
Story Teller 326658-story teller display Sold Out
  326569- how the dogs came to the indians $7.50
  326593- white egg, blue egg $7.50
  326607- how the fire came to the people $7.50
  326615- the loon's necklace $7.50
  326623- how the horses came to the indians $7.50
  326631- the first moccasins $7.50
Canoe Mini-Figurines 504955-plateau sturgeon canoe mini $8.50
  504963-california turtle boat mini $8.50
  504971-northeastern birchbark canoe mini $8.50
  504998-northwest dugout canoe mini $8.50
  505013-southeast dugout canoe mini $8.50
  505021-great plains bullboat mini $8.50
Covered Box & Mini Figurine 516996-northwestern plank house covered box $25.00
  517003-southeastern chickee house covered box $25.00
  517011-northeastern longhouse covered box $25.00
  517038-california tule hut covered box $25.00
  517046-plateau rush mat teepee covered box $25.00
  517054-great plains teepee covered box $25.00
  557102-regions mini figurines 6 assorted $7.50
Covered Box w/Rock 171778-compassion covered box $18.50
  171778-love covered box $18.50
  171778-rhythm covered box $18.50
  171778-responsibility covered box $18.50
  171778-harmony covered box $18.50
  171778-gaity covered box $18.50
Ten Little Indians 326380-snug as a hug $12.50
  326399-little one $12.50
  326410-three tom-tom-toms $12.50
  326453-hoop and sticks make six $15.00
  326461-lucky little seven $15.00
  326488-eight is great! $15.00
  326496-sew sweet at nine $15.00
  326518-ten little indians musical displayer $90.00
Tea Set 516627-mini teepee tea set $20.00
Millenium Figurine 539201-generations of friends $50.00
Limited Doll 557099-dreamcatcher doll $55.00
Nativity 731382-fine feathered friends LTD 7500 $17.50
Journeys of Life 758167-build your own journey $40.00
A Perfect Pair 780952-warm and toe-asty $20.00
  780960-the perfect pair $25.00
  780987-baby's first mocs $20.00
  780995-dancin' shoes $20.00
  781010-big shoes to fill $20.00
  787248-minnetonka mocassins display $25.00
Taming the Winds 796344-white buffalo maiden $25.00
Shelf Sitters 688967-with all things and beings we should be… $15.00
  688975-whatever live asks answer with love $17.50
  688983-may this lodge be the gathering place… $15.00
  688991-learn to be at home with yourself… $15.00
  689009-bless our harvest;bless our home $15.00
  689017-bless our children, our future, our soul saviors $17.50
  689025-shelf sitter displayer Sold Out

All Items are New and Mint in Box (if collectible came with one).

Looking for something in particular? Just ask!
I may not have it listed or I may know someone who may have what you are looking for.

If you need a pic of any of my items, please email me. I can easily send you a jpg pic.

I am looking for the following:

Old Laura Ingalls Wilder books illustrated by Helen Sewell/Mildred Boyle

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