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March 21, 2004

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-Mary's Moo Moos-

  Series Description Retail
    General Line Items  
    Now in Stock  
NEW Gothic Moos 114608-gothic moos $17.50
NEW Military 928178-it's udderly herd to leave you (marines) $17.50
    928186-herd working moo-my (air force) $17.50
    928996-home is where the herd is (army) $17.50
    928135-I love to serve Americow (army) $15.00
    927988-I cudn't be happier to serve my country (navy) $15.00
    928184-the sky's the limit (air force) $15.00
    928151-the marines steer me in the right direction $15.00
    954454-military display $20.00
NEW Limited Edition 104189-cow in airplane $17.50
NEW Limited Edition 109154-5 breeds cows LTD $60.00
  Lionel Plush 770175-lionel boy plush $10.00
    770183-lionel girl plush $10.00
  Got Milk? Race Car Series 780626-cow/racecar figurine and plush set $25.00
    780634-I'll never be tired of you (set of 2) $35.00
    780634-lap it up to the finish  
    796476-got milk? Racecar cookie jar $50.00
  Amish Life 645370-preserved for moo $17.50
    645389-wheel be purr-fect friends $15.00
    645397-a little bird told moo $17.50
    645400-you're always there for moo $7.50
    645419-well, thanks! $17.50
    645427-hoofy hearts make hoofy homes $22.50
    645435-sharing a hoofy moment with moo $20.00
    645443-you're sew caring $12.50
    645451-hoop! Hoop! Hurray! $13.50
    645486-amish cart display $25.00
  Limited Edition 645478-country roads take moo home Sold Out
  Lionel Train 671061-our fun will never end $22.50
    671088-you're on the right track $40.00
    671096-moo, moo where to? $25.00
    671126- a treasure of a lifetime $13.50
    671134- lionel train station display $30.00
  Spring Show Exclusive 543233-may all moos dreams come true $17.50
  Spring Show Exclusive 543241-fish for a moolenium of good wishes $15.00
  Plush/Figurine Set 549355- got milk figurine and plush $25.00
  Limited Edition of 5000 675563-wishing moo well $50.00
  Hoofy Anniversary Barn Dance 485268-thank moo for your warmth and friendship $70.00
    484970-resin stage display musical Sold Out
    484865-you put a song in moo heart Sold Out
    484946-I'd love to dance with moo Sold Out
    484954-may I hoof this dance? Sold Out
    484881-moo two-stepped into my heart Sold Out
    484903-I'm behind moo all the way $17.50
    484911-mooin' to the music Sold Out
    484873-a friend is always there beside moo Sold Out
    484938-I was barn to dance Sold Out
  Cow Pies Collection 485225- key lime pie "moo hold the key to my heart" $16.50
    485225-lemon meringue "pucker up sweetie" $16.50
    485225-banana pie "I love moo whole bunches" $16.50
    485225-fruit custard "You're a delight" $16.50
  Wedding Plush 643556-wedding 6" bride plush $10.00
    700207-wedding 6" groom plush $10.00
  Plush 962759-MM 6 " plush "Chip" $10.00
    962767-MM 6" plush "Patty" $10.00
    962740- MM 14" plush "Patty" $17.50
    962864-MM 14" plush "Chip" $17.50
  Cross Stitch Book MMM Cross-stitch book $7.00
  State Fair Piece 610933-a fair to remember $17.50
  Daily Moos 461385-daily moos backer and risers Sold Out
    461326-don't mooove-this won't hurt a bit $17.50
    461377-moo have my stamp of approval Sold Out
    461369-moo serve and protect Sold Out
    461350-prepared for every e Moo gency $17.50
    461342-herd worker $17.50
    461334-I've got the prescription for moo $17.50
    461296-let moo take care of you Sold Out
    461261-suit a bull for business $17.50
    461253-moo got style Sold Out
    461245-I like cow tipping $17.50
    461318-good mooing, teacher Sold Out
    461288-udderly busy $17.50
    480509-on the look out for butter opportunities $20.00
  From the Heartland 674265-three cheers for cheeseland! $15.00
    674273-oil be there for moo $15.00
    674281-that saddles it, you're mine $15.00
    674338-corn fed friends $15.00
    674346-y'all have a special place in moo heart $15.00
    674354-moo casa es su casa $15.00
    674370-wood you be mine? $15.00
    674389-stars and stripes for-heifer $15.00
    674400-you're a star! $15.00
    674427-billboard display $15.00
  Cross Stitch Book Mary's Moo Moos Cross Stitch Book $7.00

All New items are Mint in Box (if collectible came with one).

Looking for something in particular? Just ask!
I may not have it listed or I may know someone who may have what you are looking for.

If you need a pic of any of my items, please email me. I can easily send you a jpg pic.

I am looking for the following:

Old Laura Ingalls Wilder books illustrated by Helen Sewell/Mildred Boyle

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