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March 21, 2004

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    Now In Stock!  
    Christmas Items  
  Series Description Retail
  JD Santa's Workshop 104198-santa's little heifers $30.00
    104196-herd at work making a merry christmas $20.00
    104199-ho, ho, holy cow! What a merry christmas $30.00
    104193-john deere sign $4.50
    104194-wishing you a bright and joyful holiday $18.50
    104200-just in time to make your holiday special $16.00
    104195-you butter be good for goodness sake! $18.50
    106123-santas workshop display $15.00
  Limited Edition 104197-loads of toys for the deere girl and boy LTD to 5000 $20.00
  Dated 2002 104190-dated 2002 figurine $17.50
    104192-dated 2002 ornament $12.50
  2001 Dated Figurine 858935-Got Milk? 2001 Dated Figurine $25.00
    858943-Got Milk? 2001 Dated Plate $35.00
    858951-Got Milk? 2001 Dated Ornament $12.50
    858978-Got Milk? 2001 Dated Bell $17.50
  John Deere Christmas 725749- john deere figurine on tractor dated 2000 $25.00
    725757- john deere plate dated 2000 $35.00
    725765- john deere ornament dated 2000 $12.50
  Show Special Ltd. Piece 725773- john deere bell dated 2000 $17.50
  Winter Wonderland 548898- moo warm my heart $22.50
    548901- everyone needs a hoof like you $15.00
    548928- there's snow heart like yours $12.50
    548944- barn to ski $15.00
    548960- I like moo and that's no bull $17.50
    553255- may all moos goals come true $15.00
    548952- skating into moos heart $15.00
    549088- ice pond display Sold
  "Got Milk" Christmas 728764- "got milk" santa cow w/bag figurine & plush $25.00
    728772- bringing moo the dairy best $15.00
    728780- m-m-m-m-moo-y christmas $15.00
  Christmas Plush 978868-girl in santa hat 6 inch plush $10.00
    978876-boy in santa hat 6 inch plush $10.00
  Dated 1999 545872-I saw moo-my kissing santa claus 1999 ornament $12.50
    545864-I saw moo-my kissing santa claus 1999 figurine $20.00
    545856-I saw moo-my kissing santa claus 1999 plate $35.00
  Spring Show Exclusive-Ltd. 545899- I saw moo-my kissing santa claus 1999 bell $15.00
  1997 Dated Ornament 274453- MM butter give/receive Dtd. 1997 ornament $12.50
  1996 Dated Ornament 185558-MM Santa Dtd.1996 ornament $12.50
  1994 Dated Ornament 651214-MM w/evergreen Dtd. 1994 ornament $12.50
  Ornament 185531-MM Boy cowboy ornament $12.50
  Sleighbulls Ring 274399-we wish you a mooey christmas $25.00
    274402-I'm dreaming of a white christmoos $20.00
    274410-silent night, holy cow Sold
    274830-jingle bulls $30.00
  Christmas figurine 142956-I'll cherish you for heifer $13.50
    Valentine's Day Items  
  Series Description Retail
  Lionel Tunnel of Love 780731-boy/girl w/ engine $25.00
    780758-lionel cow w/coal cart $17.50
    780804-lionel cow w/mailcart $17.50
    780812-boy/girl w/hand cart $20.00
    780820-lionel tunnel of love display Sold
  Kiss-a-Bulls 296708- ador-a-bull Sold
    296686- I'm avail-a-bull $15.00
    296716- luv-a-bull Sold
    296694- we're insepar-a-bull Sold
    296732-photoframe/lapel pin  
    a) kiss-a-bull $15.00
    b) snug-a-bull $15.00
    c) desire-a-bull $15.00
    d) hug-a-bull $15.00
    296724- mini stamper and stamp pad  
    a) kiss-a-bull stamper and stamp pad $12.50
    b) snug-a-bull stamper and stamp pad $12.50
    c) desire-a-bull stamper and stamp pad $12.50
    d) hug-a-bull stamper and stamp pad $12.50
  Moo-sengers of Love 159433-boy cupid hanging ornament w/stand $13.50
    212776- cupid lapel pin  
    a) barn to love moo $4.00
    b) cupid w/bow and arrow $4.00
    Easter/Spring Items  
  Series Description Retail
  Cows of a Different Color 780723- cows with easter eggs mini figurines  
    a) yellow cow sitting against egg $10.00
    b) blue cow sitting on egg Sold Out
    c) turquoise cow painting egg Sold Out
    d) pink cow holding egg $10.00
    e) green cow holding egg $10.00
    f) purple cow holding egg Sold Out
  Spring is in the Air Ornament 297437- MM spring mini ornament $7.50
  MM in Pots Minis 207136-MM in pot w/watering can mini figurine $8.00
    207136-MM in pot w/trowel mini figurine $8.00
    207136-MM in pot w/tulips figurine $8.00
    207136-MM in pot w/daisies figurine $8.00
  Spring Minis 104914-some bunny loves me $7.50
    104914-egg-stra special $7.50
    104914-bloom where you are planted $7.50
    104914-moo moo had a little lamb $7.50
    Mother's Day Items  
  Series Description Retail
  Mother's Series 780596- moo-mies make every night a good night Ltd. 7500 $50.00
  Limited Edition of 5000 644749-mothers fill your cup with love $30.00
    Fourth of July  
  Series Description Retail
  Americow Series 634522-when friends meet hearts warm $20.00
    634603-friends gather here $17.50
    634638-for-heifer welcome $15.00
    634662-bless this barn $15.00
    634689-red, white, and moo $17.50
    634697-hooray for ameri-cow $20.00
    634719- americow town backdrop display $20.00
    634700- 12 assorted americow mini figurines $3.00
  Early Edition 634670EE- love a hum-bull heart $20.00
    Halloween Items  
  Series Description Retail
NEW Halloween Plush 725854- ghost plush w/ mooing sound $12.50
    726087- mummy plush w/ mooing sound $12.50
    726095- dracula plush w/ mooing sound $12.50
NEW Halloween Tricks and Treats 725838-cow in haunted barn ic chip box $20.00
    726060- cow in haunted house ic chip box $20.00
    726079- cow in haunted restaurant ic chip box Sold Out
    725811- clown on the farm $15.00
    726028- you're moo hero $15.00
    726036- we'll share the spoils, mate $15.00
    726044- trick or treat, ma-am $15.00
    731803- have a fairy happy halloween $15.00
    731811- busy bee-ing sweet $15.00
    731838- haunted house display Sold Out
  Udderly Scary Monsteers 274461-I vant to drink my milk $15.00
    274488-Moo steer me in the right direction Sold Out
    274496-All wrapped up in moo $15.00
    274518-Coffin w/IC chip covered box  
    Dracmoola covered box $20.00
    Frankensteer covered box $20.00
    Moomy covered box Sold Out
    New Year Items  
  Series Description Retail
  Event Piece 540951-millenium event figurine $20.00
  Moo-lennium 540943- MM Hoofy New Year Millenium Piece $30.00

All New items are Mint in Box (if collectible came with one).

Looking for something in particular? Just ask!
I may not have it listed or I may know someone who may have what you are looking for.

If you need a pic of any of my items, please email me. I can easily send you a jpg pic.

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