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March 20, 2004

If there are items that you are interested in, Please email me with a list including quantities desired.
Also, include your ZIP code (or address) so I can calculate ACTUAL shipping (I do NOT charge handling fees).

We have about 20 Pages/Categories and we have updated MOST of them.
This page needs a major overhaul. If you need pictures of anything
or are looking for something that is not listed, Please let me know!

I have had a few dealers & people inquire about discounts.
I already have some of my items discounted and if you want further discounts, please email me.
I may give discounts on larger orders and/or quantities of individual items.

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Other Soda Collectibles

Item Description Price Sale
Book Beverage Trucks Photo Arch. $22.50 Sold
Bottle 7 Up 10 oz - Full $3.00  
Bottle 7 up large 64 oz $5.00  
Bottle A & W 12 oz long neck $3.00  
Bottle Dr Pepper Museum Bottle $8.00  
Bottle Dr. Pepper Cherokee Strip $5.00  
Bottle Dr. Pepper Dublin Bottling $5.00  
Bottle Monarch Bev. Chicago - Older $4.00  
Bottle Mountain Dew Full 10 oz short $4.00  
Bottle Mountain Dew nascar 12 oz (2 styles) $12.00 ea
Bottle Nehi 1920 $10.00  
Bottle Nehi 1950-60 $6.00  
Bottle Nehi Old Embossed 1920's? $7.00  
Bottle NuGrape $12.00  
Bottle Nugrape 1960's $6.00  
Bottle Nugrape OLD $12.00  
Bottle Pepsi Elvis $8.00  
Bottle Pepsi Embossed 1950's $6.00  
Bottle Pepsi Embossed 1960-70's $8.00  
Bottle Pepsi Full 10 oz short $4.00  
Bottle Pepsi nascar Gordon 12 oz (2 styles) $12.00 ea
Bottle Route 66 Root Beer or Orange $10.00  
Bottle Vernors limited ed 2000 $4.00  
Bottle Whistle older 1920's - 30's $3.00  
Bottle Williston & Sons Bay City, MI - Older $4.00  
Bottle - Full Canada Dry Club Soda 10 oz - Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Canada Dry Tonic 12 oz - Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Canada Dry Tonic Water 10 oz - Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Fanta Orange - Full 16 oz $7.00  
Bottle - Full Pepsi - Shaq 6 pk set $30.00  
Bottle - Full Pepsi Commemorative set of 4 different $20.00  
Bottle - Full Schweppes Tonic 1 Liter - Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Schwepps Bitter Lemon 10 oz - Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Schwepps Lemon 28 0z. Full $3.00  
Bottle - Full Sprite 10 oz $4.00  
Bottle - Full Sundrop $4.00  
Bottle - Full Sunkist - 10 oz. 1970's $5.00 Sold
Bottle capper   $12.00  
Can 7 up - 8 oz full newer $3.00  
Can 7 up - Wisconsin Statehood $2.25  
Can 8 oz Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke $3.00 ea.
Can Crush Cherry Johnny Bench $2.50  
Can Dr. Pepper Spiderman (set of 8 different) $20.00  
Can Football University of Michigan 1997 National Champs - Pepsi $5.00 Sold
Can Mini foreign - Several Styles $7.00  
Can Pepsi $6.00  
Can Pepsi Gordon    
Can Pepsi older - Few Styles $7.00  
Can Sprite Pistons Grant Hill (5 different Styles) $12.00 6pk
Can Wild West Saspirilla $2.00  
Can - Full Basketball Chicago Bulls 1997 NBA Champs - Sprite $3.00  
Can - Pepsi Big 10 champs - Wildcats $2.00 Sold
Can - Pepsi Woodstock - empty $2.00 Sold
Cans Pepsi - Star Wars set of 4 - Empty $20.00  
Cans Pepsi Jeff Gordon Empty (few styles) $2.00 each
Carrier Cascade Ginger Ale 1920's $15.00  
Carrier Sprite 2 pk w/ bottles $12.00  
Clock Nu Grape (sg-4086) $25.00  
Cookie Jar Mountain Dew Can - Limited to 5000 (psc-md100) $70.00  
Cookie Jar Pepsi Can - Limited to 5000 (psc-pp100) $70.00  
Cup / mug Vernors glass "serve hot or cold" $12.00  
Die Cast Mountain Dew Mini Pedal Plane - CUTE $10.00  
Die Cast Pepsi 1946 Chevy $25.00  
Die Cast Pepsi 1948 Ford $25.00  
Die Cast Pepsi '53 Willys Jeep (29004) $35.00 $25.00
Die Cast Pepsi '57 Chevy Nomad (77004) $35.00 $25.00
Die cast Pepsi Car Small $3.00  
Die Cast Pepsi Car small $5.00  
Die Cast Pepsi Hot air Balloon (spec) $35.00 Sold
Die Cast Pepsi Mini Pedal Plane - CUTE $10.00  
Die Cast Pepsi Old Style Truck $12.00  
Die Cast Pepsi Plane Mini - CUTE $10.00  
Die Cast Pepsi Semi $8.00  
Die Cast Bank Pepsi or Mt. Dew $15.00  
DieCast-Bank Seven-Up 1955 Chevy Pickup $25.00  
Hat Pepsi $8.00  
Hat Pepsi $6.00  
Jug - Syrup Tab - Pink & Brown $15.00  
Keychain Cola - lightup $4.00  
Magnet Dr Pepper $4.00  
Magnet Pepsi - 12 pk (13 magnets) $4.00  
Model RC Cola Wagon $15.00  
Nail file Dr Pepper $4.00  
Radio Pepsi machine $12.00 Sold?
Salt & Pepper Mountain Dew Cans (md110) $15.00  
Salt & Pepper Pepsi Cans (pp110) $15.00  
Sign - Pepsi Pepsi Wood Fountain Sign (pp200) $30.00  
Watch Pepsi - plastic $5.00  
Yoyo Pepsi $5.00  

All New items are Mint in Box (if collectible came with one).

Looking for something in particular? Just ask!
I may not have it listed or I may know someone who may have what you are looking for.

If you need a pic of any of my items, please email me. I can easily send you a jpg pic.

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