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November 16, 2001

If there are items that you are interested in, Please email me with a list including quantities desired.
Also, include your ZIP code (or address) so I can calculate ACTUAL shipping (I do NOT charge handling fees).

I have had a few dealers & people inquire about discounts.
I already have some of my items discounted and if you want further discounts, please email me.
I may give discounts on larger orders and/or quantities of individual items.

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Specials & Hot Items!!!

These are Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Figurines!

They are all from 1928 Cartoons and are called "The Best of Mickey"
There is Gallopin Gaucho, Steamboat Willie and Plane Crazy.
They are $80 each in the Disney Catalog

My Price 50% OFF - $40 each!

This is a Gold Emmitt Smith Collector Plate!

It is an Individually Numbered, Limited Edition and it is 10 1/2". I don't know if this originally had a box or not but I don't have one.

I have MANY DISCOUNTED Sports Collectibles on my Sports Page - Check it Out!

This retails for $100 - SALE 70% Off - $30

This is a really nice Coca-Cola Magnetic and Dry Erase Board.

It comes with 2 Coke machine magnets!

It is 10" X 14" and makes a great message board!

Regular Price $20 - Sale Price $15!

This is a ceramic Coca-Cola Pitcher with Kitchen Utinsels.

It has a real victorian/country look and is Mint in Box.

Regular Price $35 - Sale Price $17.50 (50% Off!)

This is a Coca-Cola Diner Jukebox Musical Bank.

It plays 2 different Coke songs and
the music selector sheets flip to show lots of historic Coke songs!

Regular Price $50 - Sale Price $35!

Coca-Cola Action Musical Fairgrounds

WOW! This one has a lot of goodies on it!!!
There is an animated penguin & a bear with a mallet that hits the Coke can up the strength pole. The ferris wheel rotates and there is a boy and girl bear on it. There is also a boy and girl bear in Coke bottles riding around the Big Coke bottle. There is also blinking lights. It comes with a transformer and is Mint in Box.

Retail is $250 - Your Sale Price $175 !!!

This is a Coke Bottle Snow Dome/Globe.

It is about 5 1/4" high. It has a Christmas tree inside with the water and snow. There is a string of lights around the bottle. The bottle says Coke on one side, Coca-Cola on the other and the cap says Coca-Cola.

Regular Price $15 - Sale Price 4 for $45!

This is a complete set of 4 Coca-Cola Collector Mugs.

Each mug has a different design and each mug has 3 different Coke ads/images on it. They are Mint in Box.

Regular Price $10 each - Sale Price 4 for $20 - 50% OFF!

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Cookie Jar!

This is a quality piece that is done by the Enesco Corp. It is a heavier cookie jar (not a cheap one) with lots of nice detail. It measures 7" X 7" X 11" and Mint in Box.

Regular Price $60 - Sale price $45!
If you like Coke Cookie Jars, see my Coke page for 9 (or more) different ones
I can work out a package deal !!!

Coca-Cola Canister Set!

This is a set of 3 quality made canisters by the Enesco Corp. They are 6 1/4", 7 1/4" and 8 3/4" high and Mint in Box.

The Regular Price is $90 - Sale Price $60!

Set of 5 different Coca-Cola Musicals !!!

There is the 1950's bottle Vending Machine bank, 1960's can Vending Machine bank, 1950's Seeburg Wall-O-Matic 100 Jukebox Musical Bank, 1950's Slider Cooler Musical Bank, and a 1958 Dole Citation Fountain Machine Dispenser Musical. This is a package deal on the set and they come Mint in Box.

Regular Price $225 - Sale Price $175!

Cute Coca-Cola Beanies!!!

This is the complete set for Winter of 1998. It consists of seal, polar bear w/ winter hat, reindeer, polar bear as soda jerk, penguin and polar bear w/ hat & scarf.

Price $42 - I pay shipping in U.S.

This is the Complete Set of Meanie Beanies

It includes: Bill (Bull) Clinton - after working out with his intern?
Buddy (Clinton's Dog) - with panties with ML initials on them!
Mike (Bison) Tyson - with gold tooth and an ear in his mouth
Don (Donkeyng) King - Tysons promoter.

Price $28 - I will pay shipping in the U.S.

This is a set of 5 of the Original Meanie Beanies

It includes: Fi-Do (2 headed) Dalmutation, Splat the Road Kill Kat,
Hurley the Pukin Toucan, Peter gotta PeeGull,
and Boris the Mucousaurus! They are all Mint w/ tags

Regular Price $6 each - Sale $28 for the set of 5 - I pay U.S. shipping.

Complete set of 4 different Precious Moments Beanies!

This is the 1998 Winter set and is real cute. Set includes: Seal, Cardinal, Polar Bear, and Reindeer. These are produced by the Enesco Corporation who produces the Precious Moments Figurines.

They are Mint with Tags. Price $31 - I pay U.S. Shipping!

Buy more than one set of beanies and get a discount!

All New items are Mint in Box (if collectible came with one).

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