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Welcome to Thumb Collectibles. Our business began with just a few collectibles in 1994, but has rapidly expanded to many different collectible lines. Our web site has over 1,000 different items available. Besides our web site, we have three locations in Michigan: Elkton, Lansing, and Allen. We chose the name Thumb Collectibles because it represents the area in which we live. Michigan is shaped like a mitten and we live in the "Thumb" of the mitten.

We have shipped packages to all 50 states and to several foreign countries. We charge only actual shipping costs and we don't charge handling fees. Our strengths are: friendly, personalized service; sneak previews of new items that are coming out; ability to pre-order new items; layaway plans; and full line coverage. We encourage customers to pre-order new merchandise to assure them that they will get the collectibles that they want. We provide convenient payment plans and most of our collectibles are discounted. For larger purchases, we offer additional incentives.

We are constantly expanding our collectible lines to add new products. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know. We have chosen not to provide credit card accessibility, but instead pass along the savings to our customers. We offer layaway plans to meet our customers' needs.

Meet the Owners

We are Robin and Carol Zurek. We are both in our mid-thirties and were married in 1995. We have no children, but have two cats that are like our family. We live in a 100+ year-old Victorian house that we are in the process of restoring in our spare time. We live in a small town named Bad Axe in the Thumb of Michigan. Many people ask, "Where did your town get such a weird name?" Well, it's really a simple story. Many years ago when lumbermen were surveying the area to build a town, they found a "bad axe" stuck in a tree. They named the camp, which they set up, "Bad Axe Corners" and eventually when the town was formed, the name stuck.

Before we began our business, we both started as collectors. Carol enjoys collecting Calico Kittens and other Enesco figurines, a variety of cat figurines, and Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Robin enjoys collecting Coca-Cola items, in particular, die cast, dispensers, machines, coolers, porcelain signs, and older Michigan Coke bottles. Robin also enjoys playing pool, golf, hunting, fishing, and being out in the woods. We both enjoy traveling, historic homes, collecting antiques, and memorabilia from our town, such as post cards and advertising items from old businesses.

Robin works full-time with our business, handling day to day operations and web page design. Carol helps Robin with the business but also works full-time as a special education preschool teacher in Bad Axe.

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